About me

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Ever since I was little child I have been surrounded by animals. That has always been like that, and I hope it always will. (Dogs, cats, various kinds of birds, and later on many horses, goats, sheep, tortoises, etc…)
Many years ago, when I got to know the Saluki species, its beauty, personality, uniqueness, agility and toughness impressed me immediately. Its kindness, its strong-willed and unique character, its huge heart, elegance and grace enchanted me. Apart from my family, friends, horses, the Saluki is the being that cannot miss from my life for me to feel it full and whole.
We can learn many things from an animal, for example to love and give selflessly, to be honest always, at any time and at any cost. It teaches us to live simply, to appreciate and focus on things that are truly important. I am very grateful that my horses’ and Saluki’s knowledge and love taught me so many things. Including the love I feel for them and the love they give me.
My work is also my hobby. Currently I am a translator and an interpreter, but besides my language certificates, I have agricultural, confectionery and voice over qualifications.
I learned many things in different schools in both Hungary and Spain (where I spend a large part of my life). I also trained myself in several courses, but I still believe that the most I have learnt, I have learn by myself by studying, practicing and experimenting at home. I really love languages and the different kinds of cultures.
Many things interest me. My main hobby is sculpting, making cakes, natural cosmetics and soaps. Most members of my family only use those soaps and creams that I make. (Or at least I try to obtrude it upon them.) Nowadays it is mostly sculpting that I spend my free-time with, apart from spending it with my loved ones. I mainly do figurative statues and dolls (from clay, porcelain, beeswax, wood, polymer clay, and recently from vinyl). I mostly try to model my family’s friends and acquaintances. I will also make sculptures -or anything for that matter, out of sugar, butterfat or other edible materials. I make everything, including my dolls, solely with my bare hands, from tip to toe. Be it its eyes, which after I’ve shaped and painted it (with acryl or oil Genesis heat set), with liquid clay or resin I make it more realistic. After baking and solidifying the liquid clay, I go through it with a hot-air gun so that the eyes glitter just like they were real ones. The hair of the dolls is usually dyed Tibetan wool, but I have dolls whose hair is from my own.
These cosmetics, soaps, cakes, sculptures and dolls are never made to be sold. Because it’s my hobby, I make them as gifts, and I give them just to make people I love happy. (And of course for my own entertainment.)
Lately I have been experimenting with ice-sculpting and making BJD dolls, if I have a little time. For the BJD dolls I use porcelain and resin.
Apart from that, I love to write poems and short novels (approximately since I was 8 years old), and I do this also just for my own and my family’s entertainment.
I really like to bake and cook. My family, relatives and friends love what I make. Thus the recipe book I am writing, I am writing it primarily for them.
Aside from writing I also love to read. I believe that every single book is able to add something to us. Something good. A good book not only enables us to learn from it, or to see the world differently, but it also enables us to become a better. (Of course you have to pick your authors carefully.)

Here are some sculptures I’ve made from the above mentioned materials…

And some delicious things…