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Iria MarkusIria Markus wrote on February 22, 2018:
i am very pleased to find a saluki breeder like you. All your dogs are stunning, and seem happy as well.
I live in an apartment that has a central park next to it. It has big, open fields which sighthounds will love. I actually thought about getting one, since they're so sweet.
My apartment allows any pet, which was a relief, but something popped my little bubble of happiness and hope.
ANY PET CAN BE WALKED IN THAT CENTRAL PARK EXCEPT......DOGS. DOGS are the only pets you cannot walk in this neverending land of happiness.
"It's because they bite" I heard the staff say. What's ironic is that dogs MUST be socialized otherwise they WILL bite (put of fear, not aggression). Walking is one common way to socialize your dog.
Anyways, I do hope to get my new best friend from you, soon after I move to a place with no rules. To a place where the neverending land of happiness is a place for dogs.

Admin Reply by:
Hi Iria,

Thank you very much. 🙂
Yo are right. All animals should have the same right everywhere.

ChrisChris wrote on January 8, 2018:
Congratulations! Beautiful dogs!

Admin Reply by:
Thank you very much!
Patti McCoyPatti McCoy wrote on April 6, 2017:
Being an alumni of Southern Illinois University and the Saluki being our mascot...I am SO proud of these babies!
Just beautiful!
Admin Reply by:
Thank you very much!
Al MuhannadiAl Muhannadi wrote on February 3, 2017:
beautiful puppies 🙂
Admin Reply by:
Thank you. 🙂
RamonRamon wrote on December 2, 2016:
Agnes que penaaaaaa, no sabia que tenías camada.
Si lo llego a saber me habría encantado una amiguita para Carna, del color de Mahogony que me encanta. De todas formas sigo buscando amiga para Carna.
Un saludo desde España
Admin Reply by:
Hola Ramon,
Ahora tendre otra camada. Pronto naceran los cachorros de Fancy.
Un saludo,
jeanne laperlejeanne laperle wrote on November 15, 2016:
Hi Àgnes, do you have a FB page? thank you. Best regards from Canada.
And congrats on your latest litter.
Admin Reply by:
Hello Jeanne,
Thank you, I will write you.
NikiNiki wrote on February 12, 2015:

Gyönyörű kutyáid vannak! Barátnőm által beleszerettem az agarakba (neki magyar agara van) nekem Saluki lett az egyik nagy szerelmem.
Egyszer majd ha minden azt akarja szeretnék egy ilyen gyönyörűséget, addig meg türelmesen várok és gyönyörködök bennük.

Admin Reply by:
Szia Niki!
Uschi BretUschi Bret wrote on July 27, 2013:
Hallo Agnesz

Ich gratuliere Dir zu Deinem C-Wurf und wünsche viel Freude bei der Aufzucht !!

Liebe Grüsse

Uschi & Bahram
Admin Reply by:
Danke schön Uschi.
Uschi BretUschi Bret wrote on October 14, 2010:
Hallo Agnesz I see now and then to your homepage. Congratulation to the good results with your dogs. I hope it goes well you and your family. We are doing very well. We have a lot of fun with Samson ( Bahram ). He is a very very lovely dog. Uncomplicated, friendly, good, intelligent, quick to learn, ..... etc. and always hungry. 8 days after he come to us, we could let him go without a leash. He is very obedient. And he is a heartbreaker. Many people talk to me because he looks so cute. Samson runs very very gladly. We were with him on the racecourse to see how it is there.
Admin Reply by:
Hello Uschi, It's nice to hear good news about you and Bahram. I am very happy that everything is all right. I wish you and Bahram lots of beauty years together.
VendégVendég wrote on August 18, 2010:
Gyerekkorom nagy álma Saluki tök jó az oldal, kutyák is gyönyörüek!
Admin Reply by:
jeanne laperlejeanne laperle wrote on July 27, 2010:
Hello there!

Just a few words to tell you how pleased and happy I am with my lovely - and gorgeous - Barsine, my sweet girl born on March 1st 2010.Not only is she a real beauty but also the most gentle dog I ever had...yet she loves to play with my soft-coated wheaten terrier, Abbygail, and enjoys tremendously running outside in the open field.

I am so glad I got Barsine from Mrs.Lehotsky even though we live on two continents. She is a fine person and a very reliable breeder, that is on a very small scale. Barsine had a long journey to Montréal, Québec, Canada; yet she was and still is perfectly healthy and very sturdy.

Finally, my little angel and me sleep together; she is somewhat "zen", very relaxing when she stretches her long body next to me. And who could resist those eyes??? I feel sometimes that I can almost see her soul...

I thank you, Mrs. Lehotsky, for letting Barsine come into my life and I highly recommand anyone who is interested in a saluki to have one from you!

I will send you more pictures soon (she had really grown!).

Jeanne Laperle

Sherbrooke, Québec, CANADA
Admin Reply by:
Thank you very much Jeanne! 🙂
AdriennAdrienn wrote on June 26, 2010:
Nagyon rég szeretnék egy ilyen fajta agarat. Gyönyörű.Nekem whippet-em van. Mikor lesznek kiskutyák?
Admin Reply by:
Köszönöm. Egyenlőre nem gondolkodom újabb alomban.
Majd meglátjuk.
Son Dureta VeterinariSon Dureta Veterinari wrote on June 15, 2010:
Un client nostre cercava la raça i ves per on vosaltres teniu uns cans preciosos. Enhorabona
Admin Reply by:
Moltes gracis!
VendégVendég wrote on April 22, 2010:
Gratulálunk a kutyáidhoz! Gyönyörűek a kölykök és a felnőtt kutyáid is. Büszke lehetsz rájuk.Üdv: Attila
Admin Reply by:
Köszönöm szépen.
VendégVendég wrote on April 2, 2010:
Egyre szebbek. Örülök az újabb képeknek. Nekem a kedvencem Bahiya olyan igazi kicsaj akit csak szeretni lehet persze a többieket is . Vigyázzanak rájuk. Remélem a megfelelő gazdikhoz kerülnek. Gratulálok! További jó egészséget mindannyiuknak.
Admin Reply by:
Köszönöm. 🙂
amtonioamtonio wrote on March 13, 2010:
felcidades por esta paguina muy bien armada, los perritos estan hermosos y se ven muy bien tratados.

un gran abrazo a angnes por ese esfuerzo cotidiano...
Admin Reply by:
Muchas gracias!
VendégVendég wrote on March 8, 2010:
nagyon örültem, hogy kerültek fel képek is!!!!édesek de nem árulom el, hogy melyik tetszik nekem a legjobban...nehogy balszerencsét hozzon és elvigyék előttem..:)
Admin Reply by:
istvan klingeristvan klinger wrote on March 6, 2010:
kedves tulajdonosok,agi es alex!Örömmel csoaltam meg az oldalt.gratulalok a kutyaitokhoz.szerintem egy csodalatos fajtat valasztottatok!
Admin Reply by:
Kedves István!
KirstenKirsten wrote on August 11, 2009:
Hello,by surfing visit your nice website.Beautiful dogs !!Many greetins from
Admin Reply by:
Thank you.
EricEric wrote on August 9, 2009:
Felicidades por la pagina y muy bonitos los perros... saludos para Alex y su familia de un amigo de Chile.

Suerte en este proyecto

Admin Reply by:
Muchas gracias!